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College Grads

Travis Pedriani of Jermyn graduated from Bismarck State College with a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in energy management

Dean’s List

• Local residents were among more than 1,650 students named to The University of Scranton’s dean’s list for the spring semester. The students are: Patrick J. Barney of Archbald, Renzo Barrenechea of Scranton, Julia V. Betti of Olyphant, Marina Bifano of Simpson, Breann Boyarsky of Scott Township, Rebecca C. Brady of Archbald, Emily S. Burden of Scott Township, Maura C. Burns of Archbald, Jeffrey J. Burrell of Vandling, Kyle Burrell of Simpson, Kylee Bushta of Archbald, Siena M. Cardamone of Mayfield, Martha G. Carter of Greenfield Township, Morgan E. Caselli of Peckville, Zachary N. Coles of Peckville, Katrina D. Coviello of Jessup, Margaret L. Dodgson of Olyphant, Jessica L. Fanelli of Carbondale, Catherine G. Farrell of Archbald, Mark J. Ferraro of Peckville, Christopher M. Fitzsimmons of Forest City, Marissa N. Galardi of Archbald, Hannah R. Gilhooley of Olyphant, Stanley V. Gongliewski of Olyphant, Emily E. Granville of Jermyn, Edward P. Gregorowicz of Jessup, Abigail Guziewicz of Peckville, Walter J. Hammert of Archbald, William B. Hammert of Archbald, Isaiah J. Harris of Eynon, Megan Hazelton of Peckville, Sundeep Kahlon of Dickson City, Kyle J. Kerekes of Scott Township, Rachel A. Kerr of Archbald, Emily R. Kielar of Carbondale, Andrew J Knott of Archbald, Nicole Kobylanski of Blakely, Kyle J. Kolcharno of Peckville, Andrew T Koltis of Peckville, Sean P. Lam of Olyphant, Kasidy Leggin of Archbald, Karen A Loftus of Archbald, Albert J. Mackarey of Archbald, Bridget Ma McAndrew of Archbald, James P. McKane of Archbald, Luis M. Melgar of Simpson, Mark C. Merli of Peckville, Matthew J Miles of Throop, Mark R. Miller of Archbald, Megan S. Mosher of Jermyn, Jessica M. Nguyen of Peckville, Regan E. O’Hara of Peckville, Mark G. Pawelski of Throop, Brandon C. Peters of Peckville, Laura A. Romanovich of Peckville, Mary C. Ross of Jessup, Joshua T. Rudolph of Peckville, Erica M. Russen of Scott Township, Minahil Sami of Jessup, Tyler P. Schwartztrauber of Carbondale, Ryan A. Sebastianelli of Archbald, Amy R. Simpson of Olyphant, Mikaela J. Surace of Scott Township, Amanda L. Tomlinson of Forest City, Anna L. Totsky of Carbondale, Lora L. Urbas of Browndale, Jillian B. Urnoski of Peckville, Alexandra T. Wanas of Olyphant, Justin A. Weckel of Carbondale and Caleigh E. Wildenstein of Forest City,

• Elizabeth Brady of Archbald has been named to Alvernia University’s dean’s list for the spring semester.

• Students at Lehigh University who attained dean’s list for the spring semester included Nicolas Catanzaro of Childs, Alan Brucher of Browndale, John Luczkovich of Carbondale and Leah Noldy of Scott Township.

Post Graduate Service

Luis Melgar of Simpson was among the 15 members of The University of Scranton’s class of 2018 committed to post-graduation long-term service projects with nonprofit organizations and underserved populations throughout the country and internationally. Their service begins this summer and includes programs run by the Jesuit Volunteer Corps.

Melgar graduated as a exercise science major. Melgar will serve with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps as a pastoral minister, Andahualillas, Peru.