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Dean’s List

• Moravian College named 732 students to the dean’s honor list for the fall semester. Among them: Santina Burak of Peckville, Alyssa Flannery of Archbald, Nathan Jordan of Archbald and Nick Vinansky of Peckville.

• Ithaca College named students to the dean’s list for the fall semester. Among them were biology major Alyssa Meta of Jermyn and Mikayla Heid of Eynon.

• Students have been named to the University of Delaware dean’s list for the fall semester. Among them: Sarah Mihalick of Jermyn and Taylor Flynn of Greenfield Township.

• Local residents were among nearly 1,600 students named to The University of Scranton’s dean’s list for the fall semester. The students are: Emily L. Allen of Scott Township, Christina B. Carachilo of Carbondale, Rebeca R. Chieffallo of Olyphant, Samantha M. Matamoros-Patrick of Archbald, Shane N. Novitsky of Scott Township, Camryn J. Perri of Carbondale, Olivia A. Pisarski of Jessup, Luke E. Prusinski of Jermyn, Kristina J. Thomas of Archbald, Rebecca C. Brady of Archbald, Jessica L. Fanelli of Carbondale, Hannah R. Gilhooley of Olyphant, Abigail Guziewicz of Peckville, Isaiah J. Harris of Eynon, Kasidy Leggin of Archbald, James P. McKane of Archbald, Joshua T. Rudolph of Peckville, Madison Ziobro of Scott Township, Katrina D. Coviello of Jessup, Edward P. Gregorowicz of Jessup, Mark G. Pawelski of Throop, Minahil Sami of Jessup, Kyle Burrell of Simpson, Eric J. Eiden of Throop, Mark J. Ferraro of Peckville, Marissa N. Galardi of Archbald, Stanley V. Gongliewski of Olyphant, Sundeep Kahlon of Dickson City, Nicole Kobylanski of Blakely, Megan S. Mosher of Jermyn, Ryan A. Sebastianelli of Archbald, Donald J. Vispi of Peckville, Sarah E. Ferraro of Jessup, Sarah Knutelski of Mayfield, Julia C. Romanovich of Peckville, Anna L. Totsky of Carbondale, Patrick J. Barney of Archbald, Kyle J. Kolcharno of Peckville, Marc H. Habel of Scott Township, Bridget McAndrew of Archbald, Mark C. Merli of Peckville, Amanda L. Tomlinson of Forest City, Lora L. Urbas of Browndale Jillian B. Urnoski of Peckville, Miranda B. McCartney of Forest City, Annie E. Yurgosky of Greenfield Township, Maiya P. Bautista of Mayfield, Julia V. Betti of Dickson City, Catherine G. Farrell of Archbald, Regan E. O’Hara of Peckville, Alexandra T. Wanas of Olyphant, Emily S. Burden of Scott Township, Walter J. Hammert of Archbald, Abigail M. Roberts of Archbald, Mary C. Ross of Jessup and Mark R. Miller of Archbald.

• Wilkes University announced the Dean’s List for the fall semester. Among them: Ashlynn Allison of Carbondale, Courtney Comonie of Olyphant, Derick DeMorrow of Carbondale, Alex Glucksnis of Jessup, Auri Glucksnis of Jessup, Maria Good of Scott Township, Nicole Hughes of Olyphant, Courtney Keyasko of Olyphant, Alyssa Korman of Carbondale, Julie Maddage of Archbald, Cody Morcom of Scott Township., Brandon Murnock of Blakely, Nicholas Novobilski of Throop, Alexa Sanderson of Carbondale, Maura Serio of Archbald, Cordell Siggins of Carbondale, Christopher Smith of Carbondale and Anthony Stambone of Jessup.

• Delaware Valley University announced the students have been named to the fall dean’s list. Among them was Zachary Loomis of Peckville and Katlyn Warren of Dickson City.

• Cazenovia College named the students who made the dean’s list, including Laurelai Vanston of Peckville.

• Karl Lewis of Olyphant has been named to the Champlain College dean’s list for the fall semester.

College Graduates

• Wilkes University awarded 384 bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees to students who completed their degree requirements at the conclusion of the fall semester. Among them were: Craig Janczak of Eynon earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in management; Danielle Lonzinski of Carbondale earned a Master of Science in education, Terrence Whalen of Carbondale earned a Master of Science in education and Jennifer Yasinskas of Olyphant earned a Master of Science in education.

• Takoda Smith of Scott Township graduated from Ithaca College with a Bachelor of Science in exercise science.

Career Success

A total of 109 juniors and seniors at Kutztown University have earned a Career Success Certificate for the fall semester. The opportunity to earn the certificate is open to all juniors and seniors. Officials say students gain a greater understanding of themselves, employer expectations, effective job search strategies, interviewing skills and the role of social media in the hiring process. They will also be better prepared to conduct the internship, job or graduate school search. Among those who completed the course was Colleen Glavich of Forest City.